About Youth-Voice for Peace

Youth Voice for Peace is a youth-led organization championing for peace, by promoting inclusive participation and engagement in governance.

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How we work

Co-creating neutral spaces for joint deliberations and implementation of workable approaches towards prevention and management of political conflict in the short term and in the long term.

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Our main focus

Promoting young people’s inclusive participation and positive contribution to building sustainable peace through inclusive economic prosperity, good governance and responsible citizenship.

work with us

Our mission is to build sustainable peace, built on informed and deliberate engagement and involvement of its youthful population,  driven by meaningful partnership and objective collaboration.

Our work is guided by the principle that sustainable peace is only possible when there is inclusive economic prosperity. Inclusive economic prosperity is brought about by good governance. Good governance is only made possible by responsible citizenship. To build sustainable peace, therefore, young people must strive to and be supported to be responsible citizens.


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