The Civic Voices Project

Towards Digitized Public Participation in Kenya

Public participation is a fundamental right of the people of Kenya, designed to promote democracy by devolving decision-making power and responsibility in governance, down to the people.

However, effective public participation has been difficult to achieve. The Civic Voices Project is designed to make it easier to achieve

More than 90.5% of the country's adult population is excluded from public participation. Bills, policies and development initiatives proposed, therefore, fail to address the needs of these people, favoring instead those with power and resources, thus deepening inequality and propagating conflict.

Exclusive and inefficient public participation, therefore, remain a serious cause of conflict in our communities, with some feeling excluded in development of laws and policies that affects us all, and others feeling disadvantaged in the distribution of public goods.

The Civic Voices Project is an initiative towards digitizing public participation in Kenya.

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The project works through Civic Voices, an online platform for public participation. The goal is to makes public participation easier, inclusive and more effective.

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The goal is to makes public participation easier, more inclusive and more effective.

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